Yvette’s Transformation

Yvette’s Transformation

By Lucy Costigan

What would it feel like to wake up one morning and to be utterly transformed? Yvette’s life is meaningless. Thirty-six, depressed, trapped in a career she detests, and recently dumped by her boyfriend, Yvette is at an all-time low. If she could only reach oblivion then maybe all her suffering would end. What Yvette doesn’t realise is that something profound is about to alter her life forever. A spiritual awakening completely shatters Yvette’s world of negative thinking and self-loathing. In its aftermath, Yvette experiences states of deep bliss, joy, and inner peace. Accompanied by her beloved spaniel, Ruby, and her Persian cat, Millie, Yvette leaves city life far behind and moves to her dream cottage in the depths of Wicklow. But not everyone is bowled-over by Yvette’s miraculous state of awareness. There’s still her domineering mother, her jealous co-workers and her shallow friends to deal with. Set in Ireland and India, this is Yvette’s journey to reclaim her vocation as a healer, to overcome ignorance and dark forces, to discover true friendship, and to find lasting union with her soulmate.

I relished in that feeling of days gone by when I actually used to befriend the characters as I was reading, feeling a looming sense of dread and loss as I turned the pages and approached the inevitable end of a fantastic adventure. To me, this is a hallmark of brilliant writing. I found myself wanting Yvette to be real so I could be her best friend. I longed to be the one who sat in her flat, drinking pots of tea as we unravelled the mysteries of the Universe, as only true friends can. So deeply descriptive of not only Yvette’s personal appearance, but the content of her mortal soul, Lucy Costigan captured the essence of her heroine’s personal transformation while capturing a piece of me at the same time. I was suddenly ten years old again, hiding beneath the built-in pinewood cabinet of the headboard of my first ‘big girl” bed back in Virginia. In the solitude of that sacred space, Nancy Drew and I had countless adventures before today’s BFF’s knew what a real BFF even was. To be provided with the words to recreate this feeling was a priceless gift. It wasn’t just Yvette who transformed…

Dr Mary Helen Hensley, author of ‘Promised by Heaven’

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