Winter Solstice: A Novel

Winter Solstice: A Novel

By Lucy Costigan

At dawn on the Winter Solstice Marion Neilson’s dream will finally come to pass. Along with a handful of dignitaries and fellow seekers she will be admitted to Newgrange, the five-thousand-year-old mound in the heart of Ireland, which is illuminated with the sun’s rays just once a year – on the Winter Solstice. While awaiting entry to the cairn, Marion reviews her tempestuous relationship with the enigmatic Peter, their gradual shift from friendship to explosive love, his slump into depression and their heart-wrenching separation.

For Marion, this is the chance to let go of the past and to allow her emotional wounds to heal. As the first rays of light pierce through the darkness, will fate intervene to open her heart to new love?

Intermingled with reveries of 1980’s Dublin, with its vibrant music and pub culture, Winter Solstice explores the agonies and the ecstasies of loving and living, and the individual’s search to find love and meaning.

Customer Review:

‘Lucy Costigan’s works are as valuable and enthralling in my own spiritual growth as anything I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. As a writer, she has engaged and inspired me. What more could one possibly want from a great book?’ – Mary Helen Hensley, author of  The Promised Trilogy.
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About the Author:

Lucy Costigan has had many books published in Ireland, including the bestselling biography, ‘Glenveagh Mystery: The Life, Work and Disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter’ (Merrion, 2012). ‘Strangest Genius: The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke’ (with photographer  Michael Cullen) was shortlisted for Best Irish Published Book by the Irish Book Awards in 2010 and was shortlisted for Book of the Decade by the Dublin Book Festival in 2016.  Lucy’s groundbreaking book, ‘Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace’ (Columba Press, 1998) was the first book published in Ireland on the subject.  ‘Understanding Suicide’ was written with Tony Walsh (Currach Press) in 2015 and examines the social roots of suicide.  ‘Dark Beauty: Hidden Detail in Harry Clarke’s stained glass’ (with photographer Michael Cullen) was published in October 2019 by Merrion Press.

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