The Last Day of Harry Clarke

The Last Day of Harry Clarke: A Three-Act Play

By Anthony Costigan, Lucy Costigan, Theresa Cullen


Harry Clarke, Irish stained-glass artist and illustrator, is confined to a Swiss sanatorium, suffering from Tuberculosis, far from his family and his work in the Studios in Dublin. Ravaged by illness, the rejection of the Geneva Window, and the effects of medication, Clarke is visited by friends, both real and imaginary.

As darkness falls on a January evening in 1931, the arrival of his two best friends unleashes an inner psychic battle to free himself from the hellish fears of his childhood and to accomplish his one final quest, to travel back home. This drama in three acts is a fictional account of the final day of Harry Clarke. Harry Clarke Web site

REVIEW: I am a huge fan of Harry Clarke and bought ‘The Last Day’ recently. I wondered how I would take to a book written in the format of a drama. I read it in one sitting and practically gobbled it up. The book is so easy to read and the characters are highly memorable from Harry himself, grappling with his illness, Lennox Robinson, the friend who will do anything to save his friend, as well as the characters from Clarke’s windows and illustrations that materialise into life.

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