Bouquet of White Roses

Bouquet of White Roses: Quest for Truth about Aunt Sue and Me

By Lucy Costigan

Since childhood Lucy Costigan had felt a deep affinity with the 1920s. The style, the fashion, the music and especially the Charleston had all evoked a sense of freedom and joy. Her Aunt Sue lived during the 1920s, but had tragically died from TB at the age of 20. Lucy had always felt something special for Sue, as though she was close by, guiding her. There was also Lucy’s recurring dream of white roses that she didn’t understand, a bouquet presented by a man in the throes of sadness. When in her mid-20s Lucy visited a spiritual medium, the details of a past life emerged. All the evidence began to pile up, that she had lived before as her aunt, through the hectic ‘20s when Sue had fallen in love for the first and only time, with Dubliner, Tom. And so Lucy’s quest begins–through decades of family research, further readings, regression and ancestral healing–to unearth her true connection with Aunt Sue.

Bouquet review

I have read Lucy Costigan’s books on Harry Clarke and enjoyed them thoroughly. I gave this one a go to see what it was like and was completely bowled over by the subject matter: Ms. Costigan is the reincarnation of her aunt Sue who lived during the 1920s. I loved the way the story was slowly revealed as it is not every day that a story is written about one’s own past life. Read full review.

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Book Reviews. A Bouquet of White Roses: Lucy Costigan


Received your beautiful book yesterday and read it last night, I was up until 5am reading it. I think it could be called captivating reading. Really enjoyed it and the personal memories it provoked.

Brendan O’Callaghan, November 20, 2020


A lovely, courageous book, easy to read and enjoy. The very personal, honest and beguiling story of the author’s search for meaning. She shares the long journey towards her truth and her authentic self. Her attraction to the 1920’s, the Charleston and the times of The Great Gatsby.

Her relationship and closeness with her aunt Cha in Inchicore and her adult children, the McGovern cousins, one in particular, Raymond and Rex the family dog.

In her seeking, over the years, she knocked on many doors and the one in Wicklow Street altered the direction her life would take. A spiritual reading brought her to the beginnings of an understanding of her reincarnation as her Aunt Susannah. She moved around a bit in Ireland, America and the Far East and eventually found what she was looking for.

In an almost Joycean way her descriptions of her wanderings, for example “the grotto at the Oblates church in Inchicore, Woolworths in Henry Street, the Halfpenny Bridge, lighting a candle in Clarendon Street, Portmarnock and much more. It is a great read and an inspiration to those in pursuit of themselves and the forces that shape characters and destinies and to quote herself, she “is no longer like a leaf blown in the wind”.

Alan O’Dwyer, Goodreads, November 24, 2020.


‘BOUQUET OF WHITE ROSES: Quest for truth about Aunt Sue and me’

Bouquet of White Roses, quest for truth about Sue and me” is a well-crafted piece of writing strategically delivered, telling a true story of actual reincarnation in the person of author, Lucy Costigan and how it subsequently affects her  life throughout the next 30 years.

 Lucy, in 1990, already a very troubled soul with a welterweight of personal issues,has suddenly been presented with this revelation that she had lived in a past life as her Aunt Sue, her father’s sister. How can a young girl, alone and away from home, bear-up under these circumstances and who can she confide in? 

A very compelling read, “Bouquet of White Roses”, goes on to detail precisely what happens to Lucy over those many years that followed and how it can all take its total in more ways than one!

They say that the truth is hard to swallow and Lucy Costigan pulls no punches in delivering a true and factual account of a long and very difficult period that really has to be experienced to be believed! I thoroughly recommend this book as sensational! 

NM, Goodreads, November, 25, 2020.


I Loved This Book

I loved this book. Because Sue is the first character we meet in the book she is very real to us which heightened the drama of the reveal. As I spent this February 2020 in Cambodia and had visited Angkor Wat, the idea of reincarnation was very real to me. The descriptions of growing up in Ireland in the 60s and 70s brought me right back and I enjoyed the ramble down memory lane, which like most lanes had many a twist and turn. Life in the 20s in North County Dublin is painted in vivid colours too and it is very enjoyable to read those passages of the book. I think that there were a number of characters in the book that merit a follow-up exploration. I see an interesting book in the story of the mean Uncle and how his miserly ways impacted his family. Another strand worth exploring is the impact of unresolved issues in past lives and how they echo through the generations. The final chapters of analysis were thought-provoking and well worth the read. The final resolution was a lovely touch. All in all, this book has a lot to recommend itself – a touch of time travel on an enjoyable human scale.

Mary Frances Cox, November, 2020


Bouquet of White Roses is a truly beautiful read, a mystery into hidden family dynamics as well as a journey into the very meaning of life, death and our true purpose on earth.

Theresa Cullen, Goodreads, November 26, 2020


Intriguing personal memoir on the mystery surrounding a family ancestor who seems to permeate the author’s thoughts and dreams. Fascinating read with much food for thought.

Mike Cullen, Goodreads, November 26, 2020


Highly Recommend

It’s not often you find a personal account of reincarnation such as Lucy Costigan has described in ‘Bouquet of white roses’. It’s a mystery she is trying to solve all through the book: Did she indeed live before as her Aunt Sue? Lucy’s regression with Dr. Brian Weiss will also, I suspect, be of great interest to readers. I highly recommend this book especially to anyone who feels that there is more to life than just physical presence.

Tony Walsh, on, November, 15, 2020


This was a lovely journey to share with life stories that followed along a path. The connection between the author and her aunt Sue was very well woven together. This book made me think a lot of how important family is. I’m not saying I didn’t already know, but ‘Bouquet’ reminded me to feel privileged to be connected with a closely-knit family. This needs to be cherished and minded and to always look out for one another at all times.

T.C, November, 12, 2020.


Fascinating personal story of reincarnation

I have read Lucy Costigan’s books on Harry Clarke and enjoyed them thoroughly. I gave this one a go to see what it was like and was completely bowled over by the subject matter: Ms. Costigan is the reincarnation of her aunt Sue who lived during the 1920s. I loved the way the story was slowly revealed as it is not every day that a story is written about one’s own past life. The book was both entertaining and intriguing, certainly thought-provoking. I absolutely recommend this book as a fascinating personal story of reincarnation.  It was made all the more interesting to me since, as I mentioned, there is a strong link to the 1920s running through the book, and this may explain why Ms. Costigan is so intrigued by Harry Clarke, stained glass and the 1920s style. 

Martin Comerford, on, 2020


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